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For many couples in California, child custody and support are two important issues that must be dealt with in the wake of their break-up or divorce. The Law Offices of James P. Cronn understands why these matters are so important. Naturally you want to raise your child in a happy and healthy home. Enlisting the legal help of an experienced child custody attorney is critical to that outcome. Our office is committed to making sure your rights as a parent are fully represented.

Types of Custody in California

A child custody dispute typically involves a conflict between former spouses or partners over how and where to raise their child. In legal parlance these issues are known as legal and physical custody. Courts take a number of factors into consideration when making these custody determinations, but primary consideration is always given to the best interests of the child. Custody attorneys play a critical role in a court’s decision. We rely on 15 years of experience to ensure your parental rights are protected, no matter the type of custody sought:

  • Legal custody − This is the authority to make decisions involving a child’s health, safety, education, and welfare. It can be shared jointly between parents or be the sole privilege of one. Parents are given some latitude in joint legal custody to make small decisions on their own. When it comes to bigger issues like schooling and medical treatment, parents with joint legal custody must try and cooperate.
  • Physical custody − Similar to legal custody arrangements, a child’s residency can be shared by both parents or enjoyed by one. In the case of sole physical custody, the non-custodial parent may be entitled to visitation with the child, but may also be required to make child support payments.

An Experienced Child Support Lawyer Orange County Residents Can Rely On

Although a marriage has ended in divorce, the raising of a child remains the ongoing responsibility of both parents. Child support is a payment made to help cover a child’s living expenses and other financial needs. This financial obligation is most often found in the case of a non-custodial parent making payments to the custodial parent, usually until the child reaches the age of majority—18 years old. An attorney is necessary to help make sure your child support determination is fair.

In determining what amount of child support is appropriate in a given case, courts in California rely on a formula known as the California State Child Support Guideline. Factors relevant to a court’s determination include either parent’s respective monthly income, and the amount of time spent caring for a child. Our office has helped parents with their child support needs since 1997.

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